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Menehune Adventure Trail

A young boy and girl discover a turtle etched into a rock hidden in trees and grass
Embark on a complimentary high-tech scavenger hunt and discover enchanting surprises throughout Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawai‘i.
  • The Experience

    Solve riddles, search for statues and discover enchantment at every turn along the Menehune Adventure Trail. Here, the legend of the Menehune comes to life.

    This interactive treasure hunt is complimentary to Guests staying at Aulani Resort.

    How It Works
    To get started, check out a special tablet at the Pau Hana community center, located on the first floor of the Ewa Tower. Then, set forth on your adventure!

    The tablet will play videos and display interactive clues as you walk along the trail. At certain spots, you'll see scenery come to life when you answer a clue correctly.

    Along the way, you'll learn about the Menehune—the legendary "little people" of Hawai‘i, known for their magical powers and mischief.

    The treasure hunt is available to Guests of all ages, but is best suited for kids who are a little older (pre-teen age), due to the difficulty of some clues.

  • About the Menehune

    As legend has it, the Menehune (men-neh-HOO-nay) are shy, mischievous people of the Hawaiian Islands.

    They are said to be gifted—possibly magical—craftspeople who are capable of mighty feats of construction overnight. If you come across a work-in-progress bridge or canoe at Aulani Resort, chances are the Menehune are responsible.

    While not immediately obvious, evidence of the Menehune is represented by carvings hidden throughout Aulani Resort—many in places where they're likely to be discovered by children first. They are in the landscaping, in the lobby, under tables, tucked in the corners of buildings and nestled under rocks all over the Resort.

    As legend has it, the Menehune (men-neh-HOO-nay) are shy, mischievous people of the Hawaiian Islands.

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Menehune Adventure Trail

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